Modules: The First Week

I have officially survived my first week of classes in a different country! And when I say classes I actually mean modules because that’s what they call them here. It hasn’t fully sunken in yet and I still call them classes. Also, professors are called tutors and they want to be called by their first names, which is really awkward because in the states, that is taboo. I am taking a literature, film, and history class, all of which I like so far. The modules are split into lectures and seminars. The lecture part is when the tutor lectures and you take notes, and the seminar part is discussion based. Each part is about two hours each and most of the modules have the lecture and seminar back to back, which makes it REALLY hard to sit for four hours and try to pay attention. But, then you are done for the day since you usually only have one module a day. I love that because then I can go into town and get tea or shop around! Also, there isn’t any homework besides readings. There are one or two essay assignments throughout the entire semester per class that we have to complete and that is it. This is kind of nice because there isn’t a huge work load, but also scary because our entire grade rides on them! Overall, I think it will be a pretty easy going semester and will leave me plenty of time to take trips and explore!

Something fun that I have been doing this week is finally planning some trips to other countries! We found out that there is a week in February that the international students don’t have to go to class, so we get to plan a big trip then on top of our three week long spring break! We have already booked a weekend trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, a few days in Amsterdam, and then in February we are going to France. Then, my family will be coming over to visit, so I will be able to go back to Ireland and explore England some more! Also, in a couple of weeks we will be going to Scotland for the day! I bought a railway pass so I can get 30% off by train tickets. This will make traveling around the UK a lot cheaper! During the weekends, we decided to make day trips around the country instead of overnights, so we can save up money for the bigger trips. I love how every place here is so close to each other! It makes the traveling part quicker, easier, and cheaper!

There is so much to do right here in Ormskirk and on campus too. During these next couple of weeks, they have events at the Student Union, and those are always a lot of fun! Tuesdays are karaoke night, Wednesdays are social night, Thursdays are open mic night, Fridays always have a free film showing, Saturdays are stock exchange night, and Sundays are quiz night. There is never a dull moment!



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