Exploring Ormskirk and Liverpool

Tomorrow is the first day of classes and to say I am nervous is an understatement! It is kind of strange to think that I will be going to class (or modules, as they call them here) tomorrow. I feel like I have just been on a nice vacation for the past week and a half. I also feel like it has been a lot longer than a week and a half! I have already done and seen more in this week than I feel I have my entire life!

Since my last post, I have gotten to know Ormskirk much better, explored Liverpool, and spent some time with the amazing people I have befriended. A couple friends and I found a great little hair/nail salon in Ormskirk called Vanity. They have some of the friendliest women working there and they do great manicures! We also found the cutest tea house called Eat Drink Love. There are couches and big comfy chairs you can sit and have a chat while you drink your tea. They also serve sandwiches and desserts. If you are not a tea drinker like myself, you can get coffee or hot chocolate. We have decided that Eat Drink Love will be our “Central Perk”. Speaking of Central Perk, there is one in Chester and one in Liverpool! The one in Chester is under construction so we couldn’t go in but you can go in the one in Liverpool!

On Friday, we got to take a short tour of Liverpool and see some of the older buildings and a bar The Beatles played in. Outside of that bar, they have the names of everyone who has played there carved in the bricks of the wall. Another famous band that played there was The Rolling Stones. I also got to see the building where the plans for Titanic were made, which was amazing to see.

Liverpool has so many shops! We spent most of the time shopping and then went to an Italian restaurant. I definitely want to go back to Liverpool and explore some more. It is such a beautiful city with so much history, you can’t fit it all in with one trip!

One great thing about Edge Hill University, is they have a 3 week long spring break! Also, in February, there is a week where international students don’t have to show up to class! I found a group of people who really want to go to France during that week in February, and we planned a trip to Dublin Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, which would be the most amazing experience! Then during the weekends, we can visit places in England, Scotland, and Wales.

We have a lot of fun things planned that I am so excited for, but I am also excited for classes to begin and to meet more interesting people!



2 thoughts on “Exploring Ormskirk and Liverpool

  1. How fantastic to experience all that you are getting to do and see! And discovering those places like Vanity and Eat Drink Love that speak to a girl’s heart and make her feel at home❤️!!!


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